Thursday, May 9, 2013

to bigger and better things... 

Monday, April 9, 2012


should I be worried about the posts I have on here?

Majority of them are from way back when.

but it is a valid question.

does having my name linked to a juvenile blog decrease job potential? Or does it show I have a different side?

Undecided as of yet.

I don't think it SHOULD matter. but that doesn't change whether or not it does.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

'the only reason i hate couples is because they get regular sex'


Nine. Book your tickets mofos.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Haven't blogged in awhile.
Its because his back.
I just finished reading 'darkness be my friend'
To which i have two favourite quotes
'love could overcome all those stupid misunderstandings; that if someone really loved you, they knew what was in your heart and it didnt matter if you made mistakes. They looked past your words and read your heart. If they liked what they saw there, if they recognised it as good, they'd forgive just about anything'

'it doesnt matter what it costs, its worth paying the price. You cant live cheap and you can't live for nothing. Pay the price and be proud you paid it.'
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Wednesday, July 6, 2011


and what a monday it was too.
spoke to jonathon till very late last night.

cannot believe he will be home before I even know it.
extremely exciting.
Spoke to him again when I woke up.
until he got onto his flight. pretty much exactly.
its crazy that he will be home so soon.
then had people over.
celebrating my last day of freedom *cough* i mean solitude :P
just kidding.
i've missed him beyond a ridiculously large amount
cannot wait to see him.
This monday has been brilliant because we played hearts.
and 2 games of kings.
chilled and ate pizza
went to the circle of shrooms and discussed life.
and played i never
what a great night it was.
we even had some fun aeroplaning around hays paddock.
and a 2.30am nachos run including sprinting down the wrong side of the road.
but fun.
spent the late night talking with the boys after liz and lucas had left and em had gone to bed.
what a lovely.lovely.lovely night.

Monday, July 4, 2011


4 hours sleep is so not enough.
note to the audience.

don't agree to 5am work shifts when you are busy.
or have a retarded uni-like sleeping pattern.
its just plain torture.
but it did mean i had the most productive sunday morning, i have EVER had.
worked 3 hours bumping in.
went home.
went for an 8km run.
read the paper.
went to rehearsals.
went back to work.
helped bump out then head to a dance concert.
you know, i am exhausted just THINKING about my day.
but it was lovely.
such a lovely sunday of which i accomplished ridiculous amounts :)


i didn't particularly do much.
lazed around the house.
played online 500
did some modules for my cert 4 course.

chugging away nicely.
not really actually.
going pretty slow
need to get a fair few more modules done if i want the majority of it finished before i go back to uni.
went and saw Jack Van Staveren - my best friend, husband and now apparently my boyfriend - in yet another magnificent show.
It was such a fun experience.
good group of people went to see it, and we were like minded in our likes, and dislikes of the show.
there were definitely some interesting moments.
but overall the singing talent was just phenomenal. insane. ridiculously good.
and the 4 part A Capella harmonies by the chorus members were beyond hot.
that was pretty much it.
there was juice drinking on the tram with Annabel, and discussing zyrtec. don't ask. :P
sushi for dindins.